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TechDoc Web View is a client-server solution that links to a TechDoc database from an Internet Browser and search and find document records kept in that database.
Searching for a document is mostly done in a Tree View where the user follows a tree to find the document required. That document then opens in the Viewer that runs on the server. The information of the documents can be shown. The user can also search the database by typing search criteria in the Search fields. The result is shown as a grid in the Result screen. There the user can select the required document and that one is viewed. Also a file can be printed, markups can be placed and even collaboration with other users is possible, again if the user has the rights to do so.
TechDoc WebView joins real-time to a TechDoc database, so it requires at least one TechDoc desktop version running on the server side for administration purposes. The TechDoc WebView comprises out of two parts: An administrator WebConfig module running on the server side and a ASP.Net application running in the client WEB Browser.

TechDoc WebView client

The user associates to the TechDoc WebView server by typing in the correct URL in the Internet browser. And the login screen comes. The user types the User Name and Password, these then are tested in the database. If the user details are correct the user enters the Dashboard. In the lower left corner the user can choose a Theme and so select the colors etc. Themes can be prepared to company standards. Users are part of a group and groups have rights.

    The Dashboard can look the user needs, the user can see who is logged in. On the Dashboard there are several buttons:

  • Shows the TreeView form to easy search the query as set in WebConfig, or set by the user
  • Shows the Viewer that Views the selected Document
  • Shows the Search form to do a search on the fields specified in WebConfig module
  • Shows the Result grid of the Search done in the database, with TreeView or Search Form
  • Shows the Tools Page, you can set a Layout and go the TreeView user configuration