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SmartLF SG Series – Sharp and accurate – with superb color

Experience the advanced and fastest new SmartLF SG series scanner. Perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical/Engineering drawings and maps, as well as the vibrant, accurate colors needed by graphics professional. Create superior quality images and copies of documents up to 36 or even 44 inch wide. Scan all types of paper and mounted documents.
For full flexibility, choose any of your desire SmartLF SG Series from 36″ and 44″ scanners. The SmartLF SG large format document scanner has three high definition models in both size 36in or 44in with features enhanced for different applications. If requirements change, the m (monochrome/greyscale) and c (color) models can be simply remotely upgraded to a higher level using an easy emailed scanner upgrade tool. The e (enhanced) upgrade delivers the highest color scan speed. Monochrome/greyscale scan speeds are identical across all upgrades.

SmartLF SG Series 36″ and 44″ scanners

The SmartLF SG Series 36″ and 44″ scanners are impeccable for capturing sharp defined detail on technical drawings, maps as well as the vibrant, accurate colors needed by graphics professionals. It has a high Speed Technical Imaging within AEC, CAD, Mapping and GIS
SmartLF SG Series large format scanners have all the benefits of CCD technology’s superior color imaging – the capability to scan a wide gamut (range of colors). SmartLF SG is the first scanner from Colortrac to have 2GB of onboard scan data memory.
The SmartLF SG uses nearly 30% less power when scanning and 94% less power when idle. The scanner even has a timer that switches the unit into power saving (ENERGY STAR®) mode when it is not operated for the definite period.
In addition the ‘instant-on’ LED lighting inside every SG means that you can leave the scanner switched off most of the time and only turn it on when you want to use it.
The scanners use the advanced SureDrive paper transport system to maintain precise document positioning as the document passes through the scanner. Combining this with the Clearview bright white bi-directional LED illumination system make sure that with SG the folded documents scan correctly and as shadow-free as possible.