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Other Scanners – SmartLF SC Series Scanners with Colortrac Clearview lighting technology

SmartLF SC Series are robust and affordable high volume production scanners. It offers high quality images, a fast scan speed with practical and operative software, to get even more quality documents scanned every hour.
SmartLF SC Series scanner is incorporated with Colortrac Clearview lighting technology and it has been sensibly designed to form a highly linear bidirectional LED lighting effect that flawlessly illuminates the scan object whilst giving an Instant-on response basic scan settings.
SmartLF SC is offered in 36”, 25’’ and 42’’ image width. The scanners are suitable to the difficult and challenging volume scanning requirements of CAD, AEC, GIS, Mapping, and Service Bureau specialists.

SmartLF SC 36

The new SmartLF SC 36 large format scanner from Colortrac is best solution for CAD Drawing Offices, Technical, Construction, Architectural, Engineering, Electronic Document Capture (EDC) and Facilities Management. With using the new SuperSpeed USB3 digital interface and Single Sensor digital imaging makes this broad format scanner the ideal solution for all purpose like Technical Imaging and Color Graphics for documents up to E-size or A0 format.
The SmartLF SC 36 is an addition to our increasing array of large format scanners that use our Single Sensor (Patent pending) digital imaging technology. The SmartLF SC 36 Single Sensor offers the use of a simplified procedure of rollers to confirm that the document always stays in contact with the optics. Higher data transfer offers the SmartLF SC 36 operator the freedom to scan wider and at higher resolutions without disturbing productivity. If you have large amounts of archiving then SmartLF SC 36 is the best solution.