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Panorama is the innovative web based document viewer solution released by Consac. Panorama is powered by our very own HTML5 viewer with more document types supported including PDF, TIFF, CAD, and Raster files.

With this viewer you can view, manage and share your images, scanned documents, PDF and CAD files over your network. The application is available on any handheld device connected to the internet.

This intelligent web application runs on your network and offers access to files for your users according to their authorization level. You can store documents in your server can view documents using a great viewer servlet that does all of the work comprising decompressing files, breaking up pages, and creating thumbnails or in a certain cloud drives with the same security and control. You can create new users, and set their custom access levels in the application. Users can also share one or any files on the network. Shared files are accessible via a public link. The shared link has limited functionality where only that file will be visible to users accessing that specific link.


Panorama Features


  • Supports various file formats – Panorama supports all Raster formats and PDF, DWG and DXF file formats.
  • Easy File sharing with custom permission – Panorama users can share files to others who does not have Panorama login and can set their custom access levels in the application.
  • An advanced user interface – The innovative and user-friendly user interface develops the user experience and streamlines workflow through several in-built menu options.
  • Document properties section – Panorama shows document properties for files. Document properties include details such as title, author name, subject, file size etc.
  • Rapidly navigate multi-page documents – A multipage document has automatic thumbnail view available. The thumbnails tab is specially designed so that user can navigate by selecting a particular page thumbnail or just typing the page number. It is also possible to navigate to next and previous pages by the click of a button.
  • Support for various annotation tools – It supports different annotation tools like many geometric shapes, lines, arrows, stamps etc.
  • Navigate by bookmarks and layers – Panorama can navigate by bookmarks of PDF documents and can distinguish layers of CAD Files. If a pdf document has bookmarks, Panorama is trained to show them and user can navigate the document through those bookmarks as well.
  • Navigate files in seconds – Panorama shows all files in a folder in the server. User can configure the folder during installation. User can search with in the folder for a particular file or files.
  • Connection with your cloud storage apps – Users can connect their copy of Panorama to their cloud storage apps. Panorama can interact with those apps and user can access their cloud storage through Panorama as well.