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HTML5 based CAD viewer

CSPanorama API- HTML5 based CAD viewer

CSPanorama API an intelligent HTML5 based CAD viewer is designed for viewing, annotating documents from any device. It is powered by the Panorama Engine running on IIS server and a HTML5 based CAD viewer which provides great support for file formats like CAD, PDF and Raster.
CSPanorama API offers a great user experience where the user is presented with suitable tools for viewing documents through their browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE. Itdoes not require any installation of client environment environment enabling it to show documents on computers, mobiles, tablets etc. The API is based on pure HTML5 and Javascript, making it easy to integrate into your own application for a perfect file viewing solution.




  • PDF Rendering
  • Powerful CAD features
  • Supported File Formats( Image, CAD Drawing File, Portable Document Format etc.)
  • Supports all leading browsers
  • Great User Experience
  • Support multiple annotation tools
  • Easy Integration
  • Fully customizable look & feel
  • Flexible deployment option
  • Clean HTML and JavaScript API
  • Built-in commenting & markup tools