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Graphics Scanners for highest color accuracy with high quality photo scanning features

For the highest color accuracy, choose among SmartLF SG and GX+ T56 scanners.
When you want to capture graphics documents, like artwork, photographs or satellite images – any full color original with highlights and shadow details – we recommend the SmartLF SG Series scanners for images up to 44″ wide or the SmartLF Gx+ T56 for even larger images up to 56’’.

Awesome color reproduction

The SmartLF SG Series and SmartLF Gx+ T56 wide format scanners are perfect high quality photo scanners and art scanners. The professional camera lenses capture superb color images with excellent shadow and highlight feature.

Brilliant illumination

The only graphics scanners with high quality photo scanning and offers instant-on bi-directional LED illumination, the SmartLF SG and Gx+ T56 scanner offers perfect reproductions through the full width of your image.

Fastest thick media scanning: up to 15 mm thick (20mm with Gx+ T56)

If originals are mounted on poster board it’s no problem! The SG Series scanners enables documents of up to 15mm to be scanned and with the thick media system of the wider SmartLF Gx+ T56 documents up to 20mm can be scanned.
SG scanners are equipped with the fastest thick media scanning system. Simply increase the SG thickness lever, insert thick document then lower again for easy thick media scanning.

Superwide document scanning.

Choose any graphic scanners from below to accurately meet your documents requirements.

  • SmartLF SG scanners are offered with a scan width of either 36 or 44 inches and will accept media up to 46 inches.
  • SmartLF Gx+ T56 scanners will scan up to 56 inches and will accept media up to 61.8 inches.
  • Scanners perfect for Graphics

  • Smart LF SG
  • Smart LF GX+
  • Smart LF SG

    The SmartLF SG Series 36″ and 44″ scanners are flawless for capturing sharply defined detail on technical drawings and maps as well as the vibrant, accurate colors needed by graphics professionals.
    SmartLF SG scanners use the advanced SureDrive paper transport system to maintain accurate document positioning as the document passes through the scanner. Joining this with the ClearView bright white bi-directional LED illumination system ensures that with SG even folded documents scan accurately and as shadow-free as possible
    SmartLF SG Series large format scanners have all the advantages of CCD technology’s superior color imaging – the ability to scan a wide gamut (range of colours) and a high dynamic range (ability to see detail in dark and light areas) – combined with 1200 dpi optical resolution, the highest optical resolution available in any CCD wide format scanner in the market today. This makes them perfect for capturing vibrant, accurate colors for graphics professionals as well as sharply defined line detail on technical documents and maps.

    Smart LF Gx+T56

    The SmartLF Gx+ T56 provides high 600 dpi optical resolution, superior color CCD technology and the benefits of instant-on bi-directional LED illumination. These scanners meet the wants of AEC, CAD and GIS users while producing the highly precise color reproduction, copying and wide color gamut required for demanding graphics applications. You can access all main functions from a simple to use control panel on the scanner, which includes buttons for Scan, Copy, Stop, Rewind and Forward.The SmartLF Gx+ T56’s Advanced Active Paper Transport looks after your documents.
    The SmartLF Gx+ T56 extra-large scanner’s Advanced Active Paper Transport (APT) applies the minimum force necessary for preserving delicate originals, while achieving the required traction and accuracy to ensure images are sharp and shadow free.