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Software that offers to the scanner users who want more control over the scanner and scanning procedures are obtainable at extra cost.

Professional Software


SmartWorks Pro

With just a mouse or a touch screen directs you with the in-built graphical user interface in SmartWorks Pro through the Scan-once workflow and there are many other progressive features of this extremely productive scanning program.

In-house Scanning Software

SmartWorks Touch

SmartWorks TOUCH process is created around the document type. With this software you can scan, copy, print or email with full image preview and edit control. The design is an well-organized single screen interface that assemblies all controls and scanner information.


Utility software


SmartWorks Utilities-tools

All Colortrac SmartLF large format scanners are delivered with utility software that comprises all you required to have your scanner in operative condition and updated with the latest firmware and driver versions.

TWAIN Driver

Colortrac SmartWorks TWAIN drivers deliver an easy mode to openly control any SmartLF SC or SG Series wide format scanner from inside applications that are well-matched with the TWAIN 1.5 standard and other high-quality software that supports Twain linked scanners.