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Affordable Large format document scanners for your requirements

Colortrac develops digital large format document scanners. Easy to use and produce great results, for your requirements. It offers solutions for digital color and monochrome applications for customers engaged in the fields like Architecture, Construction, Corporate In-house Services, Electronic Document Management, Electronic Document Capture, Engineering, Geographical Information Systems, Graphic and Fine Arts Reproduction Reprographics. All Colortrac Scanners were awarded ENERGY STAR® status in 2014.

SmartLF Scan

SmartLF Scan! Is a portable large format scanner for documents of all size. It is a low cost wide format scanner designed for your office or on site. It is small, light weighted, easy to use and self-contained. The scanner comes with a sturdy, wheeled carry case for ultimate portability. It offers you exactly the file types you need like PDF, JPEG, TIFF. From only 11.5 lbs., there has never been a more compact wide format scanner on the market. It works like a digital camera with no computer or software required. It can be operated by your iPhone or iPad; you can scan direct to email or the Cloud.
With 24″ and 36″ options, SmartLF Scan! Helps you collaborate with partners and develop your projects.

SmartLF SG Series

Experience the advanced and fastest new SmartLF SG series scanner. Perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical/Engineering drawings and maps, as well as the vibrant, accurate colors needed by graphics professional. Create superior quality images and copies of documents up to 36 or even 44 inch wide. Scan all types of paper and mounted documents.
For full flexibility, choose any of your desire SmartLF SG Series from 36″ and 44″ scanners. The SmartLF SG large format document scanner has three high definition models in both size 36in or 44in with features enhanced for different applications. If requirements change, the m (monochrome/greyscale) and c (color) models can be simply remotely upgraded to a higher level using an easy emailed scanner upgrade tool. The e (enhanced) upgrade delivers the highest color scan speed. Monochrome/greyscale scan speeds are identical across all upgrades.

SmartLF SC Xpress Series Scanners

The scanner series is now even faster for routine scanning tasks. Use your SmartLF SC to produce great scans or copies of wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents. At 200 and 300 dpi the speed has also been doubled.
SmartLF SC Xpress Series is an innovative technology for great broad format image quality. The Xpress series is offered in three sizes SmartLF SC 42, 36, 25 Xpress Series.

SmartLF Gx+ Scanner

SmartLF Gx+ Scanners are extra wide format scanners with exclusive bi-directional LED illumination system. LEDs save valuable operator time as they involve no warm-up and are only on when scanning. These scanners offer the ultimate format flexibility for service providers and users who want to cope with very large, oversized documents.
LEDs also save precious energy by being suitable for the industry standard ENERGY STAR® offering real cost with lower utility bills and even reduced maintenance costs. As the only scanner with “scan once” software that works in real-time to save you the want to rescan, the flexible SmartLF Gx+ T56 is the most creative, lowest cost extra-wide format scanning system offered today. These scanners provide crisp, sharp fine line detail found in technical documents and maps with exact color reproduction of artwork, photographs and graphics originals. The scanners are appropriate for the industry like reprographics, mapping & Gis, aeronautics & automotive.

Other Scanners

SmartLF SC Series are robust and affordable high volume production scanners. It offers high quality images, a fast scan speed with practical and operative software, to get even more quality documents scanned every hour.
SmartLF SC Series scanner is incorporated with Colortrac Clearview lighting technology and it has been sensibly designed to form a highly linear bidirectional LED lighting effect that flawlessly illuminates the scan object whilst giving an Instant-on response basic scan settings.
SmartLF SC is offered in 36”, 25’’ and 42’’ image width. The scanners are suitable to the difficult and challenging volume scanning requirements of CAD, AEC, GIS, Mapping, and Service Bureau specialists.